Retail Products

Retail Products

Independent House Builders


Durabuild for mortar and plaster


An innovative cement from Lafarge's worldleading technology to meet today's need for quality, versatility and affordability. DuraBuild offers:
• Superior workability for user-friendly concrete
• Strength that meets the needs of domestic and most contract site projects
• An environmentally-friendly formulation that reduces CO2 emissions


Cement bag Durabuild

Buildcrete for general purposes


Buildcrete CEM IV 42.5N is our well-known general purpose bagged cement developed to have a wide range of concrete and mortar applications, from domestic construction to large building projects - plus Buildcrete's innovative formulations gives customer the benefit of an early strength gain, 'R' classification. This product is available in 50kg & 25kg bags.


General Purpose cement Buildcrete

Concrete Product Manufacturers


Powercrete Plus for light precast applications


Powercrete Plus is a Premium Technical cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits, as well as:
▪ More workability for better placing
▪Can be extended further to give extra value and customised mixes
▪Lower heat of hydration
▪Better off-shutter finishes
▪Lower carbon formulation for environmental tender specifications


Light precast Powercrete Plus

Fastcast for heavy precast applications


Fastcast brings the benefits of a superior performance cement to brick and block manufacturers, other smaller precasters and DIY customers. Innovative Fastcast  meets the high early strength requirements of the precast industry and similar demanding construction environments.


Heavy precast Fastcast



Powercrete Plus for concrete works


Powercrete Plus can create concrete with a wide range of strengths. It may be further blended on site with additional
fly ash or slag, to meet different concrete design requirements.

Buildcrete for water retaining structures


We listened to our customers when we designed our user-friendly Buildcrete and gave it enhanced performance characteristics. We ensured that the product consistently offers a reliable solution for a wide range of concrete and mortar work.


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