Readymix: Professionals


Lafarge offers a range of advanced cements to suit every possible project.

13 products

13 products

Superior Standard Concrete for a mix of applications
Lafarge offers Standard Concrete that is formulated for most generalised applications.
Ultraseries Aqua Concrete
The Concrete enables it to maintain its cementitious ratio when exposed to flowing or penetrating water during placement.
Ultraseries CO2 Concrete
Ultra CO2 Concrete offers a lower carbon footprint without compromising on performance and durability.
Ultraseries Fibre Concrete
Ultra Fibre Concrete is Lafarge’s polypropylene micro fibre reinforced readymix concrete.
Ultraseries Industrial Floor Concrete
Specialised concrete designed to provide maximum performance for the demand of modern, cost-effective industrial applications.
Ultraseries Flow Concrete
Designed using the latest technological advances to create concrete that is workable and highly flowable.
Ultraseries Light Weight Concrete
Created with the addition of either polystyrene beads or a lightweight aggregate to the formula.
Mortar that is reliable and ready to use
A series of different grades of premixed mortar and plaster, which are available to be delivered directly to site.
Ultraseries Pool Concrete
A strong and workable concrete mix designed using a smaller stone, perfect for hand packing the sides of a pool.