Ultra series Waterproof Concrete


Ultra Waterproof Concrete is a formulation containing the latest crystalline waterproofing technology. Concrete by its nature is susceptible to attack from water, chemicals, and a variety of harsh environments. Ultra Waterproof Concrete meets these challenges before they become problems by reducing permeability and enhancing durability. A chemical formulation is added to the batching stage of the material mix, which produces a non-soluble crystalline structure to maintain waterproofing capability throughout.


Automatically re-seals minor cracks

Increased compressive strength

Enhanced durability

Non toxic and non organic admixture

Very effective in harsh chemical environments (not acids)


Cost-saving technology

Allows parent structure to breathe

Assists in combating freeze-thaw attack

Extremely effective against hydrostatic pressure

Controls rate of heat of hydration


Any below grade concrete works (Cellars, floor slabs, retaining walls, etc.)

Water retaining structures (Pools, aquariums, reservoirs, dams, etc.)

Flat roofs, podium slabs, parking structures.

Tunnels and subway systems

Bridge works


Water treatment plants

Waste water treatment works

Marine structures

Power stations