Artevia decorative concrete


Artevia allows complete freedom of design with a range of low-maintenance decorative concretes. Available in a vibrant array of colours, patterns and textures, Artevia is a versatile product that provides attractive and hard-wearing results.




Indoor and outdoor applications

High durability

High performance

Wide range of patterns and textures


Low maintenance

High aesthetic appeal

Freedom of design


Artevia can be adapted to any indoor or outdoor environment





Artevia Colour
Artevia Exposed
Artevia Polish
Artevia Stone
Artevia Print
Artevia Sand


A specially designed decorative concrete with integral UV stable colour pigment mixed evenly throughout the concrete. The finish can be brush, power floated or steel floated. Artevia Colour is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications as well as indoor and outdoor use.



A decorative concrete with exposed aggregates that appear during the finishing process. Unique stone and colour combinations provide added flair to the slip-resistant finish. Artevia Exposed is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications, and great for outdoor use on projects like driveways, walkways, and patios.



A decorative concrete that offers a smooth, flat and glossy finish. Slip-resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing, Artevia Polish is both durable and easy to maintain. This innovative product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



A decorative concrete that looks and feels like natural stone, right down to the finer details. Artevia Stone uses larger sized aggregates to create an eye-catching finish, and it is durable as well as easy to maintain. This versatile product is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.



This variant allows for prints that simulate the appearance of other materials, while offering the durability and aesthetic appeal of concrete. The finished product can take on the appearance of wood, brick, or stone for your ideal look.



A decorative concrete that offers the look and texture of sand. Artevia Sand remains stable and dust-free in any weather, and pigments can be introduced to give it some colour. This unique product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in light traffic areas.


Artevia Case Study

Chevron South Africa wanted a landmark sustainable design for its new 9500 m² headquarters in Century City, Cape Town. The winning architectural design proposed a white concrete building, but Chevron was initially sceptical that the local construction industry could successfully build a major structure in white concrete that would meet its rigorous quality requirements. Lafarge South Africa’s Readymix Cape Town team convinced them that its innovative ArteviaTM decorative concrete was the solution for...