RoadCem for stable roads and earthworks


RoadCem provides the ultimate solution for modifying various types of soils for roads and earthworks. It uses a specialised cementitious binder that is suitable for a wide range of road stabilisation applications.


Increased strength

Increased bearing capacity

Customisable according to soil type


Better volume stability by controlling swell and shrinkage

Higher durability 


Stabilisation of road base, sub-base and subgrade materials and ash dumps

Soils with either low or moderate plasticity (it is especially suited to granular type materials with a lower PI)

In situ, including deep lift stabilisation or pugmill blending




RoadCem Case Study

The major R168 million upgrade of Lanseria Airport included a new runaway, main apron and other areas for parking planes. This was a fast track project that had to minimise disruption to the airport service and involved milling of the old runaway paving, as well as major modifications for better stormwater drainage. RoadCem was chosen as the preferred soil stabiliser in all areas: 5 290 tons have been used to date and ongoing work will require a further 1 500 tons.