Our Aggregates

Our Aggregates

Aggregates refer to fragments of rock, sand, and gravel. They are obtained through surface mining, or quarrying, where large rock formations are drilled, blasted, and processed into smaller rocks and sand. Aggregates are an essential component in a wide range of concrete applications, and Lafarge South Africa offers a wide range of them to meet your construction needs.


Our Range of Aggregates

Our range of aggregates and their applications include the following:



6.7mm stone

9.5mm stone

13.2mm stone

19mm stone

22mm stone

26mm stone

53mm ballast


Readymix, road surfacing, precast, bricks and blocks, railroads


Premium Sand

4.75mm crusher sand

6.75mm crusher sand

9.5mm crusher sand


Readymix, asphalt, precast, bricks and blocks



150mm Gabion


3-5t armour rock

Selected dump rock

250mm face product


Civil works, water canals, harbour walls


Premium Granular

37mm G1 base course

37mm G2 base course

37mm G3 base course


Road building, civil or water works



37mm G4 base course

37mm G5 base course

53mm G6 sub-base course

Crusher material G7


Road building, civil works, filling of job sites