Mortar and plaster


Ultra Mortar and Plaster is a series of different grades of premixed Mortar and plaster batched in a Readymix plant, delivered to site ready for use. Ultra Mortar and Plaster will ensure that you receive the finest quality mortars and plaster on site as all raw materials are batched in accordance with the latest national specifications

Ultra Mortar and Plaster has the added benefit that it can be retarded for up to 24 hours depending on your requirements. Retarded Ultra Mortar does not require additional mixing provided it is kept covered with plastic while not in use. Ultra Mortar and Plaster can also be batched with our exciting Artevia colours. This eliminates the need for expensive painting.


Should Artevia Ultra Plaster be used for plaster it is advisable to put on a clear coat sealer to prevent moisture ingress.


For more information contact:

Sivuyile Ngobozana, Product Development Manager.

tel: 083 230 1230


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Ultra Mortar and Plaster is batched in a Readymix plant and is supplied right to the job site.