Lafarge Gypsum raises the bar on ceilings


Lafarge Gypsum has raised the bar - to ceiling height. Once a mostly ignored part of interior design, ceilings are now an integral part of the aesthetics and performance of both homes and offices, housing lighting and incorporating various style and safety features.

As a company dedicated to building better cities, world leader Lafarge Gypsum believes ceiling systems should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting both sound, thermal and fire insulation standards. Jean-Paul Croze, Managing Director of Lafarge Gypsum South Africa, says the company's range of components meet these needs and satisfy a number of other requirements. "Our ceiling solutions include decorative mouldings, access panels and solutions for curved or vaulted ceilings. Importantly, the range is not only fire resistant and eco-friendly; it is also SANS 266 certified, which guarantees our clients that the products are manufactured in a controlled environment to meet minimum requirements."


The launch of the SABS-tested Lafarge Master GridTM in March 2013 highlights again Lafarge Gypsum's South Africa's commitment to industry excellence by providing innovative and high performance systems for the local building industry. Croze says: "The benefits to the suspended ceiling include added strength in the grid system that allows it to handle a minimum weight of 27kg/sqm and 41kg/sqm for the plaster grid system with a safety factor of 2,5, this ensures low deflection under extreme loads." He adds that fire safety has also been addressed with innovative Fire Punch Out holes that retain the integrity of the Main Tee by allowing for the expansion in the event of a fire, thereby preventing the ceiling panels from falling from the grid system.


Plastered Suspended ceilings, using 15mm Fire Check Boards in buildings can conceal and protect unsightly structural elements while providing up to 120 minutes fire resistance, as well as thermal and sound insulation. Standard Plasterboard and Fire Check Boards have excellent thermal properties with low k-values of 0.104 and 0.129 W/m.K respectively.  Lafarge Gypsum has various solutions for acoustical solutions, exposed Master Grid with 9mm ceiling tiles without insulation provide acoustical insulation of 25dB, which can be increased to 33dB with the use of added insulative materials.  For higher acoustical demands, Lafarge Gypsum can offer customised solutions.


All of this is cleverly integrated with design and the permutations offered by Lafarge Gypsum are limitless, providing broader scope within modest budgets. "Lafarge Plasterboard can be used dry to form curves with radii of 1000mm or, when wet, with a radius as small as 600mm," Croze says. "Thicker plasterboards may also be curved if wet first. Lafarge Plasterboard Ceiling Solutions combine hangers with curved channels that are ideal for constructing curved ceilings of virtually any shape or size, adding a touch of luxury to any room."


As an environmentally sensitive company, Lafarge is focussed on providing products that are safe for the environment and for communities. "We are the only plasterboard producer in South Africa with ecospecifier-listed products; an accreditation that, along with SANS 266, gives architects, designers and developers the peace of mind to design creatively while ensuring safety."











About Lafarge

Located in 64 countries with 65 000 employees, Lafarge is the world-leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in its Cement, Aggregates and Concrete businesses. In 2012, the Group posted sales of 15,8 billion Euros.


Lafarge places innovation at the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity to help build better cities around the world: more beautiful cities that are better connected, have more housing, and are more compact and durable.  Since 2010, the Lafarge Group has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the first global sustainability benchmark, in recognition of its sustainable development actions.


In South Africa, the company manufactures and supplies cement, aggregates, readymixed concrete, gypsum plasterboard and interior building fittings. It focuses on providing solutions to help the sustainable development of better cities that benefit the country's people. Through having a strong presence in all of its business lines, it is in a unique position to contribute to urban construction, while also helping to build better rural towns and villages.


Lafarge South Africa also demonstrates active concern for the conservation of the country's wildlife heritage and is a major supporter of the world's first dedicated baby rhino orphanage in Limpopo Province. The Group has for many years been a leader in sustainable development and was the first industrial group to enter into a worldwide ‘Conservation Partnership' with the environmental protection organisation, WWF International.


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