Infrastructure solutions from Lafarge

Lafarge South Africa has established itself as an industry leader in innovative building solutions. Our team solves complex building challenges by delivering world-class solutions that shape the infrastructure and future of communities across the country. With our dedicated sectoral expertise, we are equipped to take on large-scale projects requiring major investment, such as roads, mines, ports, data centres, stadiums, wind farms, and electric power plants.



Mining presents unique challenges that require high-level expertise to solve. Lafarge is capable of rising to these challenges, bringing peak performance and certainty to new and operating mine projects, or mine closure projects. Our advanced materials solutions and industry-leading standards make us the partner of choice for mining professionals.

Lafarge has unmatched international reach and experience in mining, covering some of the world’s most remote locations and difficult conditions. Our offering covers all phases of mine development, and features the widest range of solutions for both open pits and underground extraction sites.



The world is on the move, and new infrastructure and transport networks are the key to keeping up. Lafarge is shaping the future by developing efficient and durable transport infrastructure across the globe. Effectively moving goods and people requires innovation and reliable expertise to find the best way forward. We understand the need for tunnels, railways, airports and ports to operate uninterrupted, and we structure every project to keep businesses moving.



Whether on rail or on road, Lafarge enables easy and efficient transportation through complex geographical areas. Our tailor-made tunnel solutions include site preparation, project-specific product development, reliable logistics, and efficient on-site production capacity.


Railways and train stations

Lafarge has developed a partnering approach for all phases of rail project development. Our solutions for railway transport infrastructure are designed to meet each project's planning and execution needs throughout every step of construction.



Lafarge understands how the airport business model has evolved. Airports are more than just critical transport facilities; they are a veritable business-generating infrastructure with a wide variety of shopping and entertainment activities. Our innovative solutions ensure that all phases of airport project development take off smoothly.



Lafarge has vast experience with the major financial investment and immense challenges associated with bridge construction. We offer practical and dynamic solutions to help governments and construction companies connect cities.



Lafarge recognises the role that highways, national roads, and regional networks play in a country's development, and our solutions in this field are connecting the communities of the future. With our advanced materials and in-depth technical expertise, we are able to adapt to the conditions and specific requirements of each project. Our highly specialised teams will accompany you from the design phase of your road project, through to completion.



Lafarge has extensive global experience in energy infrastructure, with a track record of safe, reliable, and cost-effective projects. Our advanced materials solutions offer high-performance to help meet the global demand for energy. From the design phase onwards, Lafarge is your partner for a successful and sustainable project, delivered on time and within budget. From windmills, thermal power plants and dams, to gas pipelines, solar towers and nuclear plants, our solutions play a major role in securing the long-term sustainable operation of energy infrastructure.


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