Fire Solutions


Fire Solutions

When deciding on appropriate methods of fire protection, the decision affects lives and livelihoods. Specifiers need to be absolutely sure that the systems they select are both reliable and totally effective. These are the most important design considerations.

Lafarge Gypsum fire protection systems are not only reliable and effective but the drywall advantage also makes them more economical and practical to install on-site than alternative constructions.

Lafarge Gypsum offers a range of physical fire protection products and systems that have been exhaustively tested, tried and refined over many years to satisfy a range of regulatory standards.

All Lafarge Plasterboards have a gypsum core with spread of flame test results. However, where higher levels of fire protection are required, Lafarge's Fire Check Plasterboard (12,5mm or 15mm thick) may be specified.

Lafarge Plasterboards systems can achieve fire resistance of between 30 minutes and 120 minutes in partition walls.  Fixed to steel framing systems Plasterboard provides an economical solution to most fire resistance protection needs.