Developing People

Improving employees' careers.


As an equal opportunity employer, Lafarge South Africa is dedicated to developing the skills of all our employees, across every level of the organisation. We offer a variety of internal and external training and development programmes that allow our employees to truly take control of their careers.


Internal training gives employees the opportunity to benefit from the vast experience and advanced professional standards that Lafarge is known for. These programmes enable progress that directly feeds into our professions and company culture. External training programmes are provided by specialized organisations or business schools, which are utilised to meet the specific career needs of employees.


Other opportunities include Lafarge University, which was designed to develop a culture of excellence in management; and our graduate programmes for young engineers, who benefit from our international industry experience.


Looking after our people

Lafarge provides employees with a working environment that prioritises health and safety. We are an industry leader in this regard, and our stringent safety policies have contributed to an outstanding safety record for the organisation. All our employees are committed to the cause, and every job site is governed by our effective health and safety management systems.  


Reducing work-related accidents and promoting the well-being of our employees is vital to our operation. As part of our ambition to provide every employee worldwide with the same access to health assessments, Lafarge has developed a standard operational procedure, which includes additional examinations for employees exposed to specific risks, such as those working at height. Our employees' healthcare benefits include free external confidential counselling, and free HIV/AIDS counselling and treatment.

Examples of programmes

Programmes on offer include:


> I.H.R.: Integration into the Human
   Resources function

> I.F.F.: Integration into the Finance

> L.C.A.: Lafarge Customer Approach
> BEST: Develop performance at BU
   within a multi-local environment

> JuMP: Management development for
   emerging leaders

> BUILD: International Leadership
   Development for future