Bulk products

Bulk products

Civil construction

Civilcrete for water retaining structures


Civilcrete is a versatile, general purpose cement suitable for large building and civil projects that do not require site customised blending - plus you have the benefit of an early strength development, 'R' classification.

Powercrete Plus for water retaining structures, bridges and piling


Powercrete Plus is a Premium Technical cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits, as well as:
▪ More workability for better placing
▪ Can be extended further to give extra value and customised mixes
▪ Lower heat of hydration
▪ Better off-shutter finishes
▪ Lower carbon formulation forenvironmental tender specifications


Concrete Product Manufacturers



RapidCem is formulated to have a high rate of early strength development as its primary characteristic. This is provides a major benefit to:
▪ The productivity of precast concrete product manufacturers by allowing quicker turnaround time of moulds
▪ Applications where high early strength is a requirement
▪ Consistent performance as it is sourced from one production facility
▪ The good reaction to heat/steam curing assists with quicker turnaround times on moulds and curing rooms
▪ Can be extended further with fly ash


Powercrete Plus


Powercrete Plus is a versatile Premium Technical Cement that offers:
▪ On site extendibility with resultant savings on cost of concrete
▪ Better concrete mix cohesion properties
▪ Low bleed due to reduced water demand
▪ Higher long-term strength
▪ Better off-shutter finishes to meet aesthetic requirements
▪ Denser concrete matrix, leading to better durability
▪ Improved workability

Masonry and general concrete applications



Civilcrete bulk general purpose cement has been formulated to provide the benefits needed to achieve a better and faster job more easily. The product's user-friendly, all-round performance characteristics offer a range of extra advantages for concrete and mortar work.


Specialised applications

RapidCem for shaft linings and mining applications(Shotcrete)


RapidCem is formulated to have a high rate of early strength development as its primary characteristic. The innovative product is also ideal in applications requiring high strength concrete mixes or where high early strength is critical.

Civilecrete for underwater applications and sewage works


Civilcrete offers:

▪ Better workability, placeability and pumpability from the action of the spherical fly ash particles
▪ Improved cohesiveness
▪ Better durability
▪ Less heat of hydration (low heat common cement)
▪ Good early strength gain
▪ Better finishes
▪ Resistance to aggressive environments, e.g. sulphate attack
▪ Higher long-term strength

Powecrete Plus for underwater and mining applications(Shotcrete)


Powercrete Plus oofers:

▪ More workability for better placing
▪ Can be extended to give extra value and customised mixes. Extensive trials have demonstrated the potential for further cement replacement with an additional 15% up to 30% DuraPozz®
or 30% up to 50% slag (GGBS).
▪ Excellent strength at all ages
▪ Lower heat of hydration. A typical value for Heat of Hydration determined in accordance with EN 196-9 is 227 J/g at 41h, making Powercrete Plus a low heat common cement (< 270 J/g).
▪ Lower carbon formulation for
environmental tender specifications





RoadCem CEM II 32,5N is a specialised cementitious binder designed to meet the needs of a wide range of road stabilisation applications. To provide the optimum solution for modifying various types of soils, RoadCem is produced with two different compositions:
▪ RoadCem CEM II/B-M (V-S) 32,5N is formulated from Portland cement, siliceous fly ash and Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (‘slag')
▪ RoadCem CEM II/B-L 32,5N is formulated from Portland cement and limestone



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