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At Lafarge South Africa, we possess unrivalled expertise in building and renovations. Our innovative solutions are tailored to meet the challenges faced by stakeholders throughout the construction value chain. From planning to finished product, we cover the entire construction process, while accounting for energy efficiency, environmental certification, cost effectiveness, fast-tracked production, and outstanding end results.


We are shaping the future through infrastructure, and our offering includes solutions for individual or collective housing projects, as well as commercial, institutional, industrial, and office buildings.

With building systems that also encompass logistics, project management and consulting services, Lafarge is leading the way with innovative products that produce world-class results.


Individual Housing

We understand that there is no place like home. When we take on an individual housing project, we aim to create the end user’s ideal space, by using innovative solutions and our wealth of experience. Modern homes need to meet requirements for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, durability, and desirable aesthetics. Every project is a partnership, where we work with the contractor or homeowner to select the most appropriate materials and methods to build a durable and attractive home.


Our streamlined approach maximises construction efficiency, and minimises waste and costs. Products and services include:

  • Specialised concrete solutions for safe and durable homes.
  • Slab floors installed in just one pour with our self-placing, self-leveling concrete, Agilia®.
  • Low-carbon, rapid strength precast solutions with a reduced environmental footprint.
  • High-quality, ready-to-use mortars that reduce waste and time losses.
  • Easy-handling concrete and cement solutions available in various sizes and containers.
  • All necessary materials and solutions for structural works.
  • Accurate quantification services for cost-effective material use.
  • On-site placing & finishing services delivered through our certified applicator network.
  • Colorful decorative concrete solutions with our international brand Artevia®.
  • Decorative sands and aggregates for exterior landscaping.


Collective Housing

Lafarge partners with investors, developers, design teams and contractors to build world-class collective housing. Our innovative solutions and highly-efficient job sites enable fast-tracked construction, while ensuring we adhere to high standards of thermal insulation, environmental certification, and the requirements and logistics associated with high-rise construction. We work alongside stakeholders to develop the most appropriate cement, aggregate, and concrete solutions suited to each collective housing project.


Office Buildings

Lafarge has an extensive portfolio of successful office construction projects. We understand the significant long-term investment associated with office buildings, so our solutions are designed to maximise usable space and obtain globally recognised green building accreditations to attract clients. Our innovative materials, systems, and services promote efficient job sites and fast-tracked construction, while offering state-of-the-art environmental performance. This optimises profitability and ensures that the offices are available on the market quickly for an early return on investment.


Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Our solutions for industrial and commercial buildings are focused on ensuring an efficient project turnaround, thereby enabling a quicker return on stakeholders’ investments. Whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or shopping mall, Lafarge is able to provide practical solutions that ensure the project’s profitability. Our trusted cement, aggregate, and concrete solutions contribute to buildings that can withstand heavy usage and high workloads to maintain the continuity of business operations.


When developing, designing, or contracting an industrial or commercial building, Lafarge offers solutions that enable key features and benefits. These include:

  • Efficient and fast-tracked construction.
  • Maximised profitability through quick rental or sale availability.
  • Reduced repairs and maintenance costs that keep industrial or commercial activities at full capacity.
  • Purpose-built designs that attract tenants and customers.
  • High aesthetic appeal for commercial buildings.
  • Wide range of concrete and aggregates in an array of colours, textures, and patterns, for interior and exterior use.


Institutional Buildings

Lafarge has an exemplary record of constructing public buildings that offer safety, durability, environmental performance, as well as attractive aesthetics. From the design phase through to completion, we are equipped to solve the challenges faced by public bodies when building schools, libraries, city halls, and other public amenities. Our innovative cement, aggregate, and concrete solutions are adapted to the needs of each project. Upon completion, the building is guaranteed to meet world-class standards for energy efficiency, safety, resilience, and aesthetic beauty.



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