Why choose Lafarge?


The success of the organisation depends on the commitment of its 76,000 employees. Why not join us? The Group is a recognized pioneer and competitive force in its sector.

The World Leader in Building Materials

Working at Lafarge means joining a successful organization that has built its business strategy around product innovation. As an industry leader, we play an influential role in shaping the future of building materials.

Make Your Own Career

There is no such thing as a pre-determined career path at Lafarge. Everyone builds their own rich and diversified career portfolio. Whether it is a question of geography, hierarchy or professional development, you hold the keys to your success. We don't set rules about the amount of time you should spent in a given role. Depending on the profession, the amount of time needed to achieve a high level of performance and expertise can vary.

Developing Our People

An equal opportunity employer, Lafarge South Africa is dedicated to the development of the skills of all its employees, whatever level they occupy in the organisation. This is put into effect by providing internal training programmes that gives employees the opportunity to benefit from the experience and advanced professional standards for which Lafarge is noted.

Attractive Conditions

To encourage high-quality work, Lafarge applies a competitive pay policy. Part of an employee's annual bonus is based on their personal performance. As a result, each employee receives a salary that reflects their efforts.


Employee stock plan

Since 1961, Lafarge has actively encouraged employees to hold shares. The intention is for employees to participate in the Group's economic performance.

An International Group; Close Knit Teams

Lafarge employs more than 76,000 people in over 78 countries, and it is our employees who make Lafarge such a success. Our decentralized structure is built around small groups, giving you the opportunity to take on new responsibilities.

Looking After Our People

Lafarge is committed to providing employees with a Safe and Healthy working environment. Our ambition is to be ranked amongst the safest companies in the industry. As a condition of employement, al employees have to sign a commitment to the Lafarge Health and Safety policy. Employees' healthcare benefit includes free external confidential counselling and free HIV/AIDS counselling and treatment.