Health & Safety


Safety is a top priority for the Group and for Lafarge South Africa. A stringent safety policy for employees and contractors is in place to promote a culture of safety that establishes Lafarge as one of the world's leading companies in this domain. We also participates in health programs that benefit its employees as well as local communities.


Safety: The top priority

Since 2002, the Lafarge Group has achieved a significant reduction in both the frequency and the gravity of work-related accidents. These improvements are due in part to the Group's Health and Safety management system, which defines the minimum safety levels required for all Lafarge sites.

A great deal remains to be done to become one of the safest industrial groups in the world. For this reason, employee safety is the Group's n°1 priority.


To reach its target of zero fatal accidents and keep lost time injuries to a minimum, Lafarge South Africa:


  • informs its employees and subcontractors about the risks related to their activities and provides appropriate training,
  • impliments a vigorous Health and Safety Improvement Plan
  • engage in Visible Felt Leadership
  • introduced a CARE programme
  • supervises the systematic application of safety standards,
  • implements procedures for reporting incidents and undertakes regular audits,
  • identifies and communicates best practices and drives their adoption across all worksites.

Health and safety

All Lafarge employees are committed to respecting certain rules to ensure the highest levels of health and safety.


Annual Health & Safety month

June is established in the Group's calendar for Health & Safety month, with sites and Business Units across Lafarge planning many different types of events to promote the topic of Health & Safety.


Worldwide, Lafarge is now the safest company in its sector with a frequency rate of accidents with lost 0.76 (per million hours worked).


The road is still long, so Lafarge has set itself a target simple and ambitious: to achieve ‘zero fatalities and zero occupational disease

Ensuring a healty working environment

As part of its ambition to provide every employee worldwide with the same access to health assessments, Lafarge has developed a standard operational procedure (SOP), which includes additional examinations for employees exposed to specific risks (working at height, etc.). This procedure is a key element of the strategic Health Roadmap. These assessments must be standardized for all employees and established in all countries where the Group is present by 2015.

Fighting HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Lafarge South Africa has implemented a comprehensive strategy and action plan the last 10 years for dealing with the HIV/Aids pandemic. The overall aim of the programme is to minimise the number of employees and their families who get infected, while providing even better support for those unfortunate enough to be HIV positive. Healthy employees are the pillars on which the future prosperity of the company is founded.

Promoting public health programmes

The Group is pursuing its programme to prevent HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases (malaria and tuberculosis) in sub-Saharan Africa. All countries in this zone have developed a public health program (regular information, free access to diagnosis and treatments, counseling and education).