Lafarge dedicates nearly 170 million euros per year to research, product development and industrial performance and process improvement. This investment is significantly higher than that of other players in the sector.

  • A budget of 170 million euros, equal to 1% of the Group's sales.
  • Over 1,300 employees around the world, with teams of scientists, engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields.
  • The Research center, a high-tech hothouse with a budget of 25 million euros and 200 experts of 10 nationalities devoted to fundamental research.
  • Skills in cutting-edge fields such as:
    hydration chemistry,
  • The latest technologies, including nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy, nano-indentation and atomic force microscopy.
  • Hundreds of patents filed worldwide in 15 key areas, corresponding to an equivalent number of innovative formulas, products and industrial processes.


The patent portfolios continues to grow considerably, notably the patents from the Research center. We observe a steadily growth in the last 3 years: total number of patents:

  • 2007: 580
  • 2006: 464
  • 2005: 394