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Plasterboard lends itself to a multitude of uses including interior decorating, remodeling and finishing. Lafarge's R&D teams constantly strive to extend the capabilities of their products, for example by enhancing fire resistance and acoustic properties or facilitating productivity gains during installation. Discover Synia™, PLAtec™ and Pregymax®, the most recent innovations from the Group's Gypsum Business.

A water-resistant system

At long last, bathrooms, kitchens, shower-rooms and public locker-rooms can benefit from partition walls capable of resisting the frequently damp-laden atmosphere!

The 1st plasterboard that has no fear of water! This is the result of 3 years of R&D in the Lafarge laboratories, more than 1 year of tests, and several pilot building sites.


This unprecedented innovation offers 3 key benefits:

  • a more waterproof surface,
  • less absorption of water by the plaster,
  • and more stable mechanical strength after damping.

As a result, the plasterboard retains its level of performance and esthetic qualities whatever the ambient humidity.

Synia™, the 1st plasterboard sheet with 4 tapered edges

Until the advent of Synia™, plasterboard sheets only had 2 tapered edges. It took 4 years of research to obtain 4 tapered edges.

Synia™ sheets are ideal for ceilings and high partitions because:

  • Synia™ ensures a perfect finish. Once the sheets are painted or wallpapered, the seams are invisible to the naked eye, even under low-angled lighting,
  • Synia™ is easy to use. All 4 edges of each sheet are tapered to simplify installation and save time on the worksite.


Gypsum is a construction material made by firing the gypsum mineral in a kiln and then grinding it. It can be used as a paste or as pre-fabricated boards. Mixed with water, it forms a gel that sets within a few minutes and then hardens. It is widely used for interiors: coatings, dry partitions, ceilings and wall linings in the form of tiles or plasterboard. It has several important properties: accoustic and thermal insulation, fire resistance, etc.

PLAtec™, customized interior decoration

PLAtec™ sheets are made-to-measure. They can be used to clad elements and remodel interior spaces in the form of pillars and structural elements, suspended ceiling friezes, cornices for lighting fixtures, etc.


PLAtec™ offers a number of advantages:

  • simplified installation,
  • control over manufacturing deadlines,
  • high-quality decorative elements,
  • high-quality finishes

Pregymax®, for optimal insulation

Pregymax® is a plasterboard with a layer of thermal-acoustic insulation. As well as having exceptional thermal and acoustic properties, Pregymax® is easy to install.

The result: wall lining systems with outstanding thermal performance for interior and exterior walls.

Research orientations

Gypsum R&D seeks to:

  • improve production processes in order to improve environmental performance and reduce costs,
  • optimize plasterboard properties by better controlling their microstructure. The intention is to develop the aesthetic dimension of plasterboard (surfaces, colors, joints, etc.), increase its mechanical strength (solidity, bending and shock resistance, fire resistance, etc.) and improve its acoustic qualities (insulation of floors and walls against aircraft noise and low-frequency vibrations, etc.),
  • move from a "product" approach to a "customer solution" approach. Lafarge will thus be able to offer comprehensive solutions (wall partitions, ceilings, etc.) to players in the construction industry.