Lafarge offers a wide range of durable, versatile aggregates from our sites across the country.

Aggregates can be used in a wide variety of applications including concrete and asphalt production, sub-base, capping and drainage systems as well as for decorative purposes.

A wide range of uses

The primary aggregates we produce and sell are hard rock (usually limestone or granite). Aggregates differ in their physical and chemical properties, granularity and hardness. Local geology determines the type of aggregates available in a given market. Not all types of aggregates are available in every market.

Extracting from the earth

Aggregates production involves primarily blasting hard rock from quarries and then crushing and screening it to various sizes tomeet our customer's needs.


Additionaly the production process involves intensive use of heavy equipment, loaders, haul trucks and crushers. In a world of growing environmental pressure, mineral reserve management is key to success in the aggregate business.

Did you know?

Orthopterum Coegana


A key element of Lafarge's Environmental Management programmes at its quarries is identifying endangered flora and fauna species and taking action to conserve the biodiversity of the area. Lafarge discovered a critically endangered succulent (Orthopterum coegana) that is endemic (to date, it has not been discovered anywhere else in the world) to the sandstone outcrops at Coega Kop Quarry.


Specimens of the unique little plant that were under threat from the quarrying activity have been successfully translocated to a special nursery at Coega Kop, where they are cared for by a qualified horticulturist along with other indigenous plants.