Lafarge offers a portfolio of products to meet your construction needs. We have invested heavily in bringing the most innovative technology to the concrete industry. Explore our wide range of products to see which best meets your construction needs.

Agilia self compacting concrete
With its remarkable fluidity, Agilia® compacts without the need for vibration, eliminating this tiresome chore and the associated noise nuisance from construction sites.
Artevia decorative concrete
The Artevia™ range of decorative concretes for outdoor and indoor application are available in a wide choice of colours and surface finishes. They adapt easily to complex shapes, are quick to apply and simple to maintain.
A fast draining concrete paving solution.
Ultra Mortar and Plaster is a series of different grades of premixed Mortar and plaster batched in a Readymix plant, delivered to site ready for use. Ultra Mortar and Plaster will ensure that you receive the finest quality mortars and plaster on site as all raw materials are batched in accordance with the latest national specifications
Standard Concrete
Standard concrete and pump mixes include all concrete for normal applications in strengths from 10MPa to 50MPa and stone sizes from 6.7mm to 37.5mm with a guaranteed strength at 28 days.
Ultra Series™
Lafarge offers specially designed concrete solutions ranging from fibres, waterproofing, pools and much more.