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Is the weather important?

Extreme temperatures and rain can all cause problems. Protection with plastic sheeting and hessian may be needed to prevent the concrete from freezing or the surface from washing off. Where needed a mix design can be changed.



When will the readymix be delivered?

Delivery time will be agreed when you place your order: We usually require at least 24hrs notice.

What mix do I need?

Various mix specifications are available and the type you will need depends on the job you are doing. If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact us for advice on the best option.

How big is the readymix truck, will it be able to get to my delivery point?

Our trucks are heavy and weigh up to 18 tons. They are approximately 2.5m wide and, depending on the quantity ordered, they can be anything from 5.9 to 8.75m long. Please note that vehicles of these lengths often have very limited turning circles.

Readymix is a perishable product, how long does it take before it sets?

On average, it takes 1-2 hours for the concrete to set once it arrives on site. If requested, we can add an admixture to delay the rate of stiffening to about 3 hours, depending on temperatures.

What if my concrete cracks?

There is nothing a readymix supplier can do to prevent any mix from cracking. However,the use of fibres (UltraTM Series Fibre) will  help to reduce plastic shrinking and cracking.

Do I need the wheelbarrow for the readymix?

No, we can provide a concrete pumping service, which is particularly useful for areas where access is restricted or difficult. Pumping the concrete is also much quicker. Ask about our pumping services when you call to place your order.