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Our product offer

Lafarge is one of the few readymix producers capable of manufacturing an extremely wide range of readymix. Our technical expertise, state-of-the-art plants, and commitment to innovation enable us to make a readymix that can assist our customers with all their construction needs. Our portfolio includes products ranging from standard concrete used in everyday construction to customized mixes used in complex high-rises that must meet strict design specifications.


Lafarge South Africa is proud and excited to have launched another industry first, this time, offering the EkhayaBag, an innovative readymix solution of smaller quantities of mortar, concrete or ArteviaTM Colour delivered to site in bags and ready to use.



The EkhayaBag simplifies building projects as customers don't always require big amounts of concrete for their projects. Using this product, customers also don't need to purchase cement, sand or stone separately, as the EkhayaBag is delivered ready to use. No additional water or mixing is required, resulting in cleaner job sites. 

Quality Assurance

We take pride in producing quality products customized to your specific needs. Annually Lafarge spends €170 million on research and development. Lafarge's main research centre is situated at our state of the art laboratories at Lyon, France. Where over 200 full time researches are employed. Globally Lafarge employs in excess of 500 people with the sole responsibility of developing new and exciting concretes.

Did you know?

Concrete (made out of gravels and cement) is the second most widely consumed substance in the world after water, and is used in all infrastructure projects that are essential to communities' economic and social development. It serves man's fundamental needs of housing, health, education and mobility.