Online portal


Our introduction of a Customer Portal is a first for the South African cement industry. It is an innovative solution to

meeting the evolving needs of the cement market for better communication and service.


Innovation is a core driving force at Lafarge and provides our customers with new products and services that offer

better value than they can obtain elsewhere. It is part of our strategy to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.


We consider communication to be key in building lasting customer relationships and believe that our Customer

Portal will be a valuable additional means of bringing us closer to our customers.


Convenient cement ordering & more….

The Portal opens an extra channel of communication between our customers and our company by making

available an efficient new IT tool with a wide range of benefits.


The new online service enables customers to interact with us 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to easy placement of orders and monitoring of order execution status, our innovative system also offers various other benefits such as:


•       Rapid processing of orders

•       Tracking of deliveries around the clock

•       Easy management of account

•       Access to order history

•       Readily updateable user, company or profile data

•       Immediate information on new products and promotions

•       Access to product support information: technical

•       specifications, applications and performance

•       Viewing the latest offerings from Lafarge Cement