Choosing The Right Cement

"In 76 countries around the world, the Lafarge brand name stands for caring for customers and leadership in building materials: leadership that has been achieved by applying the knowledge within the Group to bring innovative products and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers' businesses..."

Emmanuel Ngubane

National Marketing Manager, Lafarge Cement


Your choice of cement will depend on the application, e.g.:

  • the type of concrete, plaster or mortar work you are planning
  • whether the scope of the work can be covered by one quality grade general purpose cement (eliminating the inconvenience and wastage that can occur with having different grades of cement on site)
  • which cement will be able to meet the needs reliably



First consider:

  • the performance required from the cured concrete
  • the impact of the choice of cement on the cost of the concrete
  • will early strength gain save time and money spent on labourers and formwork?
  • will the work be done in summer or winter?
  • appearance: how important is an attractive finish to the concrete?



All cements are NOT the same, even if the description on the bag looks similar:

  • a reliable branded cement has a back up service and all-round quality assurance
  • a reliable brand has the investment and technology to ensure that the cement will perform consistently


The Lafarge brand assures you of consistent high quality, user-friendly cements