Clear priorities


Undisputed leader in building materials

Lafarge continues in its development and differentiation strategy centered on clear priorities. There is a clear focus on sustainable growth, despite a more difficult short-term economic outlook.

Our Ambition

To be the best in building materials.



Our actions reflect our values

  • The health and safety of our employees is our first priority.
  • We have a commitment to the values of respect, care and excellence. Inseparable from the result-oriented culture introduced at all levels of the organization, we see these values as crucial for the long-term leadership of the Group.
  • Lafarge has a commitment to be ranked among the world's most effective industrial groups in terms of employee health and safety, protection of the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.


Principles of Action

The Lafarge Principles of Action inspire the behaviour of Lafarge employees around the world.

Their basis:


  • Undisputed leadership in building materials,
  • Commitments to all stakeholders,
  • The Lafarge Way


Strategic priorities

The Group strategy can be broken down into clear and ambitious priorities:


  • 2 strategic priorities:
    • continuing development on emerging markets
    • accelerating innovation to reach sales of €3bn with innovative products by 2012
  • 3 operational priorities:
    • ensuring the safety of our employees and targeting 0 accidents
    • continuing with cost reduction
    • developing the potential of the men and women in the Group.