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Ceiling Solutions

Ceiling systems should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting sound or fire insulation standards. Lafarge Gypsum has a flexible range of components to meet these needs and to satisfy a number of other requirements. The range includes decorative mouldings, access panels and solutions for curved or vaulted ceilings.


Examples of ceiling solutions are:


Suspending Ceilings

In commercial buildings, suspended ceilings can conceal unsightly services or untidy structural elements, while providing fire resistance and thermal insulation.


Lafarge Gypsum's suspended ceilings offer a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution. Comprising a versatile range of straightforward, standardised components, some of which just clip together, Lafarge Gypsum's suspended ceilings are easy and quick to assemble on-site with minimal wastage.

Ceiling heights can be varied to accommodate services and ducting, while performance specifications are met by selecting the appropriate grade of plasterboard and insulation.

Up to 120 minutes fire resistance and 72dB sound insulation may be achieved with this system.


Flush Plaster Ceilings
The same fire and acoustic performance standards can be met with Lafarge Flush Plaster Ceilings. To overcome uneven ceilings on refurbishment projects and in new buildings, Lafarge Gypsum's Flush Plaster Ceilings offer very simple, quick and cost-effective solutions.


The Flush Plaster Ceiling system comprises a simple connector, which is fixed to the sides of timber joists, and a Gridlock Channel which merely clips onto the connectors. Lafarge Plasterboard is then screw-fixed to the channels in the normal way.


Ceilings below timber joists
Plasterboard ceilings on timber framing are typically for domestic applications. The plasterboard is attached directly to the underside of floor joists or the bottom chords of roof trusses. Fixing is simple and the solution provides a smooth finish for direct decoration. The plasterboards can also be given a textured finish or form a base for Skimming Plaster.

Plasterboard ceilings are also a means to upgrade a basic ceiling construction - new or existing - to provide greater fire resistance and sound insulation as required.

Lafarge Gypsum's standard range is:

•Residential Basic Ceiling
- Lafarge 6.4 mm Plasterboard
- H-Strip


•Residential Flush Plaster Ceiling
- Lafarge 9 mm Plasterboard
- Gridlock steel brandering


•Residential ceilings


•Commercial Ceiling Tile Solutions
- Lafarge 9 or 12 mm Ceiling Tiles
- Gridlock steel brandering

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