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LAFARGE SANS 266 SABS Mark Certification: Better products, better cities

In a move that will gain the appreciation of architects, developers and interior designers, Lfaarge Gypsum has announced the SANS 266 certification of its successful Gypsum Plasterborad range.


The right to carry the SABS stamp of approval came after months of collaboration between the technical department and Roodekop production teams.


Says Lafarge Gypsum's Manging Director Jean-Paul Croze: "The SANS 266 SABS Mark is a product certification by an Independent SANS accreddited body certifying that all products supplied will comply with all the requirements of the product specification: SANS 266: South African National Standards: Plasterboards.


"This serves as a guarantee that the products meet the minimum standards of the SANS 266, because no mark scheme can be issued without a proven company quality system, Croze says. Rigorous testing saw the boards classified into one of the classes: Wall or Base Plasterbaords, Moisture Resistant Plasterboards and Fire Rated Plasterbaords.


Lafarge South Africa's Gypsum Division is the first plasterboard manufacturing company in South Africa to be awarded the SABS mark under specification SANS 266. Croze emphasises that Lafarge's commitment to quality sees efforts to ensure compliance backed by a 10-year service warranty. Lafarge is also enviromentally sensitive and focussed on providing products that are safe to the enviroment and communities.


It is Lafarge's ambition to contribute towards Building better cities, instilling a sense of pride and place.

LAFARGE RENEWS Eco-Specifier Premium listing on all products

In 2011, Lafarge Gypsum was the first plasterboard manufacturing company in South Africa, to enlist their full range of product with Ecospecifier and have now renewed the list for another year. Over the years, Lafarge has remained dedicated to ots commitment to environmental leadership and we are constantly improving the eco-performance of our products through many ways.


By implementing active environmental programmes designed to monitoir and manage enviromental matters, Lafarge ensures that its businesses operate in a safe and enviromentally protective manner. 


As a result, Lafarge has made advancements in environmental preservation and our operations have become cleaner and greener. The company remains the first plasterbaord manufacturer to have been awarded the Ecospecifier green labels for all its plasterboards, compounds, vinyl ceiling tiles and steel products. This denotes the fact that the use of Lafafrge Gypsum products enhances ratings for 'green buildings'. 


Lafarge ECOSPECIFIER Certified products are tested and certified as low-emitting interior building materials that meet relevant regulatory and industry Eemission standards. These were conducted by Ecospecifier to help specifiers, designers, architects, builders, consumers and other end-users to find and easily identify products that meet the most stringent indoor air quality guidelines for us in 'green buildings'.

FROM JOZI TO THE CAPE: Lafarage Interior Ceilings and Partitiong Solutions for More Beautiful and More Durable Cities

Lafarge Gypsum offers a wide range of ceilings and partitioning solutions by working very closely with the built enviroment professionals to put together custom made interior solutions that deliver to expected thermal, acoustic and fire-raated requirements.


In Gauteng, the luxury 5 Star Apartment & Hotel Development - Sandton Skye, a 34900m2, 15 storey, 192 apartment building at the heart of Sandton, is fitted with Lafarge Fire-rated walling and flush plastered ceiling solutions. The system used in the bathrooms incorporats the use of a combination of Lafarge Moisture Check and Lafarge Fire Check plasterboards to provide performance specific demising wall partitions that deliver both required water and fire resistance properties. 


In Cape Town, not only will the R1.6 billion Portside building be the mother City's tallest building with 32 floors and 52,000m2 of office space, but this architectural interpolation has also achieved a 5-Star Green Rating from the GBCSA. Lafarge Gypsum, a proud partner in this development, is supplying all fire-rated perimeter walls. We have manged to offer a cost effective solution, whilst still meeting the required fire and acoustic ratings. Supply of Lafarge Fire Check Plasterboards and Super Studs started in January 2013 and the project is to be completed in March 2014.


The Lafarge sales and technical teams involved in these projects work closely with building teams to ensure tha products are installed according to specification, thus guaranteeing our customers a 10 year warranty. We, at Lafarge are proud of our contribution to building more durable and more beautiful cities.

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